What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing? is a question we get asked alot by our customers.

Digital marketing in basic terms is the ability to showcase your business, organisation or groups, products and services using one or more electronic methods. Including but not exclusively Websites, Newsletters, Social Media and Online Advertising. With the key aim being to connect with your potential customers as quickly as possible, by providing them the information they are looking in the best way possible. So they do not have to go anywhere else.
It is well documented that as a general rule of thumb. That you only have been between 8 to 10 seconds to grab a website visitors attention.
Here at AOA we offer a range of digital marketing services as well as standard graphic design services to help our customers especially a new business to create their identity from:


Digital Marketing 

Electronic Customer Newsletters, Social Media Management, Social Media Content: Custom Graphics, Short Videos, Infographs

At AOA Web Design, creating websites is only one part of the digital marketing services we provide to our customers. AOA also offer a number of graphic design services, For SMEs, charities and local community groups.
Whilst a website is integral to any digital marketing strategy  for today’s businesses. It is only one element of your total business identity. If your website looks one way and the rest of your business looks completely different then your customers can get confused by who they are actually dealing with.

Graphic Design

Logo Design, Business Cards , PowerPoint Presentations, Advertising Leaflets, Posters, Document Templates and more

See just a small amount the work we have completed below.

Being able to tie all these design elements together, allows AOA to help you present your business to potential customers  in the best possible light.  Leaving them under no illusion who they are dealing with.

Business & Club Logo's

  • AOA-Web-Logo-Designs-1-
  • AOA-Web-Logo-Designs-2-
  • AOA-Logo-Design-for-anderson-four

Business Identity

  • Riverside-Contracts-Business-Identity
  • Kerry-Kennedy-Business-Identity
  • AOA-FSI-Business-Identity-work

Music Album Design

  • Complete Josh
  • AOA's-Album-Design-for-Initium-Quietus
  • AOA's Album Design for Sean C Kennedy
  • AOA's-Album-Design-for-Sean-C-Kennedy-Inside
  • AOA's-Album-Design-for-CK-Band
  • AOA's-Album-Design-for-CK-Band-inside

Other Graphic Design Work

  • The Wolves Are Circling

    The Wolves Are Circling

  • The Musicians Journey

    The Musicians Journey

  • Time Warp

    Time Warp

  • Keeping An Eye On The Time

    Keeping An Eye On The Time

  • The Mad Hatter

    The Mad Hatter