Ayrshire Photographer

Alan is an Ayrshire events photographer. Specialising in candid photography. Whilst he still does all the usual individual and group posed photos. Capturing the real unposed moments in his photographs the genuine smiles, laughs and tears whether that be at a Wedding, Party, Prom or at the park for family portrait shoot, Is were he really shines

Another thing that makes Alan different to many other photographers is he not only interested in portrait photography. But in all types of photography. This interest in all genres of photography means that he often brings a different eye to the event he is covering. Often capturing details that maybe a wedding only photographer might miss.

Below you will see a direct feed from #throughalslenses instagram feed. Showing his latest photos. As well as a link to the official AOA Photography Website designed not only to better showcase our photography work. But also to allow our clients a secure location to view, buy and download their photographs.