About AOA Digital Design & Imagery

Image of Alan the owner of AOA Website Design, Irvine, Ayrshire with his camera pointing towards you.Thanks for taking the time to visit the AOA Digital Design and Imagery Ayrshire website.

AOA Digital Design & Imagery previously AOA Web Design & IT Services was started by me Alan on the 5th April 2011 with one goal. To offer website design and IT support services for small to medium size enterprises(SMEs) and home users throughout Ayrshire and surrounding areas at the best possible price.

I started AOA with an understanding of how difficult it was for new and existing small businesses, small local organisations and home users to get help with all things IT and website design related without paying a premium or finding additional costs being added on that had not been agreed.

With AOA this will not happen from our £28 per hour fixed price home user remote support to our onsite support from £45 depending on distance**  you know what you are going to pay for our time before we start the work.

** Depending on distance means if you need AOA Digital Design & Imagery Ayrshire to visit over 10 miles from postcode KA111HS according to Google Maps you will pay  £1 per additional mile**

Nearly 8 years on AOA is still growing strong with an ever growing portfolio of services we can now provide to customers. I recently changed the name of the business to AOA Digital Design & Imagery as we have added Graphic Design and photography to our portfolio. This was done because many people were put off by the name. Often wondering what did an IT Services company know about photography and graphic design. The answer is quite a lot?

To help you understand a bit more about AOA Digital Design and Imagery Ayrshire. I have given some answers to the most common questions I get asked about AOA.

What does the  AOA stand for in AOA Digital Design and Imagery?

AOA stands for All Over Ayrshire. I shortened it to AOA as it was easy to remember and made the website address a lot easier to type. aoadesignimagery.co.uk is certainly better than alloverayrshiredigitaldesignimagery.co.uk. Most people seem to agree.

What experience do you have to provide Website Design, Graphic Design, Photography and IT services?

IT Support Experience

After 10 year in the military the last 8 as a Royal Marine Commando 3 of those as a Communications specialist. I decided on a new career in IT and over the last 14 years I have had the pleasure of learning my trade from some of the best in the  business. From my first contract assisting with a whole company email migration at BAE Systems to my current role as a Senior Support Consultant  for the UKs leading ICT support provider supporting schools all over the UK. I have installed well over a 100 new and upgraded networks, removed far too many viruses. Recovered well over 100 networks after they failed due to lack  of management most without a valid backup.

Website Design Experience

My website design experience started over 8 years ago when I created my first website for my daughters dance school. This was simple website design created in FrontPage and completely coded in html. Since then I have created many more website designs which you will find screenshots as well as links to the live sites around this website.

Whilst I still create all simple 1 or 2 page brochure websites using html5, css3 and PHP. All larger website designs are now created using the WordPress blog platform. This content managed system allows AOA Digital Design & Imagery Ayrshire customers to update and manage their own websites with a little training from AOA. As well as also saving them money because the design process can be so much quicker.

For a more detailed look at my experience please go to my LinkedIn Profile.

**As my current employer supplies IT Services solely to the education market AOA Digital Design & Imagery Ayrshire are unable to offer any of our services or  solutions to the education market to ensure there is no conflict of interest**

Do you take payment up front if you design a website for me?

When AOA opened its doors we didn’t take any payment upfront . But unfortunately due to a lot of unpaid bills. We now ask for 50% on acceptance of the website design and the remaining balance before we upload the the final approved website design.

Will you charge me for every little bit of help or advice?

No if you have a simple website or IT related question you would like answered then simply send us a message via our Facebook Page or our Contact Page and we will aim to get back to you in no more than 8 hrs but usually a lot quicker. If we can answer the question within a few minutes  then there is no charge. With AOA’s years of real world experience and large number of contacts there is a lot I can answer quickly. If it relates to an issue with one of our products then there is no charge.

If I need equipment will AOA Digital Design & Imagery Ayrshire purchase and install it for me?

AOA will supply and install smaller items such as memory or Hard Disks but do not purchase large pieces of equipment for our customers such as multifunction printers or servers etc. AOA Digital Design & Imagery Ayrshire will source this equipment for you at the best price. Letting you know exactly where you can get it. You then purchase it.  AOA can then install and register any warranties on your behalf.

Current AOA customers think this is a great service because here at AOA we do not put any mark up on the items. They hold all the receipts and warranties. So they know they can walk away at any time without any hassle. From AOA’s point of view it means we are not tied to one particular supplier so are truly free to search for the best item at the best price to meet your needs.

Can you plan large scale IT projects for me?

It is the ultimate aim of AOA Digital Design & Imagery is Ayrshire that all of our existing and new customers  think of AOA as their own website design team or IT department that they only have to pay for when they need us. With the average entry level IT technicians salary being £18,000. The model AOA works lets small business and home users get access to senior IT resource at a fraction of the price.

So whether it is a Website Design, Cloud Email or Web Hosting, Social Media management, IT Audits, Office Move, Exchange Server Installation,  Online Backup, Data recovery or just quick question about a new laptop you would like to purchase then AOA can do all of this and more.
Please take some time to look around our site to see what AOA Digital Design & Imagery Ayrshire has to offer and give us a call if you have any questions.

How are you able to manage larger projects as a Sole Trading IT Service Provider?

For large projects such as office moves I only use highly experienced IT consultants that I have personally worked with over many years. People I know will get the job done first time every time on plan and in budget.

Again many thanks for taking the time to look around our website. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all.

Kind Regards,